Highly accomplished Executive Producer and recognised leader in the field of Giant screen Films, specialising in all aspects of financing, production and post production.

Making Giant Screen films in some of the most exotic and challenging locations in the world, bringing together a creative vision with collaborative partnerships to deliver visual stories that are truly captivating and powerful experiences that can be shared with audiences on the world’s largest cinema screens.

Passionate about delivering an unforgettable immersive experience that engages the imagination, leaving an emotional and visual impact for the viewer extending beyond the theatre or media, top provoke thought, inspire, and take you on an adventure of discovery to see things in a new way and facilitate life-long learning for all ages.

A whole package of expert knowledge, skills and experience base gained over 40 years working for high profile companies, Kennedy Miller, Beyond Productions, December Media, on an extremely diverse range of projects, movies and television series from Mad Max to documentaries like Great Barrier Reef 3D.

Adept in establishing and building strong connections, networks, and partnerships, co-ordinating and managing effective teams.

Mark Bretherton June 2017 working in the IMAX and giant screen space for 20 years, a former CEO of the World’s Biggest Screens Pty Ltd, the operator of the IMAX Theatre Sydney, and serving on the board of international body the Giant Screen Cinema Association says:

 “Ever since I first met Stephen Amezdroz, I’ve been impressed with the way December Media have entered the giant screen industry”. ”They have invested time and energy really understanding the market …. their forthcoming slate of films is exciting and relevant to the industry”.